Sunday, July 1, 2012

Obama Care - What it Will Teach Us

The bill was written - was fought against by 26 states. the SOTUS upheld the bill. Forget the technical crap if  the bill will be a tax or a penalty.

The bill might have some good parts. But so does eating butter.  Butter taste good to many people. But is it good for you?

The the President, the Congress, and the SOTUS- committed a fraud.

Remember two things, the congress can pass any law it wants too, if it has the votes of the Congress.  Also it can impose a tax on anyone, it chooses, for any  amount.

But we have the final say. Its our vote. Thank GOD for that.

In November 2012 we will elect a President.  Vote. Vote like your life depends  on it , because it does.

If you elect BO for another four year term - it will take 40 years to straighten out the mess he has created.  Its up to you - and me. Please VOTE.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Casey Anthony gets all the focus.......Caylee gets nothing.

Casey Anthony was acquitted of the murder of her daughter this week. 12 jurors say there was not enough evidence to convict her. They feel the State did not prove  there  was a murder. Maybe not a murder?  Then what was there here? 

What an outrage.

Some say the system worked.  We are judged by our peers. We have the best system in the world.  Maybe. 

We know this.  Caylee Marie Anthony is dead. It took 30 days to report Caylee missing to the police. Casey Anthony found guilty of lying to the police on four counts.  By lying, Casey Anthony led police on a wild goose chase.  No one convicted, no one going to jail for the crime, no one getting the death penalty.  Nothing.  Nada.  Many people are disappointed with the outcome.  Casey Anthony and her lawyers will make a lot of money.  Shame on you. 

We know this.
There is blood on someone's hands.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Our Government Sucks

Lets call it like it is.

The federal government has gotten too big.  Its involved in things where it has no business. 

Remember who is to be blamed.  The House and the Senate.  They make the laws.  They write the bills and the amendments - and everyone has to live with them.

They pass the budgets - they appropriate and spend the money.  Our money.

Rich elected officials.  The Millionaires.

Here is an interesting fact from Political Hotsheet.
"While the base pay for members of Congress is $174,000, nearly half -- 261, to be exact -- are millionaires, according to an analysis of 2009 data from the Center for Responsive Politics (there are 535 total members of the House and Senate). Just 1 percent of Americans overall can say the same."


There are about 1.8 million federal employees.   Average salary; $74,000. The private sector earn an average of about $41,000.

The bigger government gets, the more it spends,  the harder it is to control.

 The bigger government gets, the more it becomes corrupt.

Government has become a business.  They are in the business of printing and spending money.  They are in the business of giving into lobbyists.  They are in the business of giving into unions.  They are the business of returning favors.  Most are lawyers, or have JD degrees, and should know better. 

We have a $14 trillion deficit.  An example of one trillion dollars - is spending a million dollars everyday for 2009 years. Think of that. How pathetic.  That our elected officials could let things get so far out of control.

Now teachers and government workers think they are getting screwed.  Pensions are in trouble - because they were under funded.  Who is at fault here?  The people who allowed the pensions, kept paying for them, never appropriate the necessary money to fund these pensions.

Unions think they have made sacrifices.  Right.  Here is an example  of how unions have sacrificed.  

If a union thinks they need a $2 hour raise, they ask for $4.  Then they negotiate, cry and twist - and settle for $3 - and they think this was a sacrifice?

Things to do

We need a balanced budget. Every year.

Shut down Government operations that are duplicate in services and wasteful.

  We really only need the department of the Defense, Justice, the Fed, State and VA.

The Department of the Interior, Commerce, Housing, Agriculture,  Education, Labor, Energy, and Transportation, all should go.  They have nothing to do with government. 

If we do not have the money - then you cannot spend the money.

Any bill written cannot be over 200 pages.  If a bill needs to be  say 400 pages, 200 pages  can be voted on,   Then the second 200 pages can be voted on.

No one in Congress can vote on a bill unless they have read the bill, and sign a document that they have read the bill.

Revise term limits for members of the House and Senate.

Lay off 5 percent of government workers every year for at least 5 years.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Con Artists Unite

Here we have  it.  A former President, Bill Clinton,  and  the present want to be  President Obama. 

Mr.Clinton was asked to the White House to conduct  a news conference  and bless BO tax package.

BO left the conference so he could  attend a Christmas party.  What a man!  What guts.  What brains.  What an embarrassment.

BO is suppose to be the leader of the free world.  NO WAY.  He is no leader.  Just a cheer leader.

Some people think it was a great thing to have Bill Clinton at the WH.  They think this shows a leader, in BO.

Wake  up.  It shows weakness,  A true leader, someone who is strong, does not need a former President to bless his plan.

Oh, by the way, I understand. BO plan to extend the Bush tax cuts is loaded with pork, and the libs are going to screw us all with the estate tax proposal.  Just another Obama con job.

This WH has learned nothing from the last election. Just spend, and spend more.  Print money and print more.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Rangel asks supporters to call Capitol switchboard

 Its been a rough two years for Charlie. But remember he created the mess. 

Rangel is in trouble, the House Ethics committee recommended censure for financial and fund raising violations — the most serious discipline short of expulsion.
Rep. Charlie Rangel of New York is pleading with supporters to call the Capitol switchboard and urge their representatives to oppose a resolution to censure him.

 I may call.  And  ask them to remove you.  When they kick you out, take  Nancy Pelosi with you.

Haste la vista .............................Charlie baby