Sunday, July 1, 2012

Obama Care - What it Will Teach Us

The bill was written - was fought against by 26 states. the SOTUS upheld the bill. Forget the technical crap if  the bill will be a tax or a penalty.

The bill might have some good parts. But so does eating butter.  Butter taste good to many people. But is it good for you?

The the President, the Congress, and the SOTUS- committed a fraud.

Remember two things, the congress can pass any law it wants too, if it has the votes of the Congress.  Also it can impose a tax on anyone, it chooses, for any  amount.

But we have the final say. Its our vote. Thank GOD for that.

In November 2012 we will elect a President.  Vote. Vote like your life depends  on it , because it does.

If you elect BO for another four year term - it will take 40 years to straighten out the mess he has created.  Its up to you - and me. Please VOTE.