Monday, December 13, 2010

Con Artists Unite

Here we have  it.  A former President, Bill Clinton,  and  the present want to be  President Obama. 

Mr.Clinton was asked to the White House to conduct  a news conference  and bless BO tax package.

BO left the conference so he could  attend a Christmas party.  What a man!  What guts.  What brains.  What an embarrassment.

BO is suppose to be the leader of the free world.  NO WAY.  He is no leader.  Just a cheer leader.

Some people think it was a great thing to have Bill Clinton at the WH.  They think this shows a leader, in BO.

Wake  up.  It shows weakness,  A true leader, someone who is strong, does not need a former President to bless his plan.

Oh, by the way, I understand. BO plan to extend the Bush tax cuts is loaded with pork, and the libs are going to screw us all with the estate tax proposal.  Just another Obama con job.

This WH has learned nothing from the last election. Just spend, and spend more.  Print money and print more.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Rangel asks supporters to call Capitol switchboard

 Its been a rough two years for Charlie. But remember he created the mess. 

Rangel is in trouble, the House Ethics committee recommended censure for financial and fund raising violations — the most serious discipline short of expulsion.
Rep. Charlie Rangel of New York is pleading with supporters to call the Capitol switchboard and urge their representatives to oppose a resolution to censure him.

 I may call.  And  ask them to remove you.  When they kick you out, take  Nancy Pelosi with you.

Haste la vista .............................Charlie baby