Monday, March 29, 2010

Health Care bill is a huge accomplishment for the Democrats - who says?

The bill, which passed 219 to 212 without a single Republican vote.

Here is what Obama really did.

Dozens and dozens of lies, distortions and half truths.

Dozens of deals.

If this is such a great win for Democrats, why is the President still trying to sell it to the America public?

If the Health Care bill is such  a huge accomplishment for the Democrats, why were there so many deals to buy votes?

How can this be called a victory?  When the Democrats have had to lie, cheat and make deals to pass this bill.  You had to cheat and be corrupt to pass this bill.  Shame on the Democrats.

Hurry up November.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Joe Biden - Full of Class. Dropped the F - bomb.

Vice President Joe Biden, perhaps overcome with excitement during his speech congratulating President Obama on the passage of health care reform, dropped an F-bomb on live television when he turned to Obama and said, "This is a big fucking deal.

A lot of news people see nothing wrong with Biden.  I DO.  Its another example of how Washington behaves, how they are arrogant and they think they are privileged .  Crude and common misfits, suppose to be educated and experienced.  At nothing.  

Crude Barbarian.  Hey,  Mr. V.P. did you think you were at a football game or in a bar?  You disgrace your office, and those around you.

Can you believe this guy.  Joe Biden has no class.  Try thinking for a change. 

You, Mr. Biden, Vice President of the United States, are a horses ass.  And you should apologize, for what you said.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Bret Baier Interviews President Obama - 15 minutes and about 15 lies.

Bret Baier or Fox News, interviews President Obama on March 17,2010.

Follow this link to see the interview.

 The interview was about 15 minutes

15 Minutes - and about 15 lies.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Democrats to "Deem" Health Care passes without Voting

Democrats are resorting to their tricks and distortions. 

This shows two things:  one, they do not have the votes to pass this crap bill and two, the democrats are desperate.

They are as pathetic as Obama's White House. 

They may get this bill through - but we'll see who win in the end.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Obama wants Health Care vote by Easter

Obama wants a health care vote to pass by Easter.  And I want a new Corvette.  Good luck, sir.

Keep pushing.  Push Pelosi.  Push her right out the door.

Push Harry Reid too.  Right out the door will be very fine.

Keep showing how you cannot govern.

Last May Wanda Sykes said at the White House Correspondents dinner with a joke about Rush Limbaugh; Sykes said that she hoped Limbaugh’s “kidney’s fail”, in response to the talk show hosts comments that he hopes the Obama administration fails.

I hope your Health care bill fails. And does not pass.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY) temporarily steps down from Chairman's seat

Charlie Rangel (D-NY), under the pressure of the ethics committee, has asked Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi for  leave of absence from his post as House Ways & Means Chairman.

He has taxes problems,  involving some of his properties, and " possibility  for accepting corporate money for trips to Caribbean conferences in violation of House rules."


I say this.  If Rangel is found innocent- he should be reinstated as Chairman.

However, if Rangel is guilty of wrong doing.  He should not lose his Chairmanship - He should lose his job and step down and be asked to  leave the House.